We approach projects in an integral way, developing new manufacturing processes and product design. Our specialty is production technologies and ICT.

Transfer of Technology and Services

More than 30 years of experience in short series manufacturing and product and process testing. The most advanced techniques and capabilities at the service of the industrial fabric.


UPC is a leading university in technological knowledge. At CIM UPC we offer an innovative training program in permanent contact with the reality of companies.


We promote and encourage technological culture in society, transmitting knowledge and facilitating the development of digital manufacturing spaces and the delivery of workshops to eliminate the social gap derived from different accessibility to technology.


Impresora 3D - Power DIW

Workshop on 3D printing with Direct Ink Writing Technology

We develop new 3D printing systems with Direct Ink Writing or Robocasting technology, based on the needs of researchers. ...

CIM UPC Releases a new Experimental Hybrid DIW 3D Printer: The PowerDIW

The CIM UPC technology center will present the new 3D printer in Barcelona next Thursday, September 29 with three use ca ...

CIM UPC: The training demanded by companies

CIM UPC is an innovative center in permanent contact with current technology. With our manufacturing and development ser ...

Xavier Martínez: “The evolution of many technologies is not in the invention, but in their accessibility”

Xavier Martínez (Sant Boi de Llobregat, 1985) is an industrial engineer and CEO of the Catalan label Barcelona Three Di ...

CIM UPC team collaborates with Formula 1

With the help of a 3D Selective Laser Sintering printer, the Ferrari and McLaren suspensions that the communicator Alber ...

Badalona City Council and the UPC sign an agreement of intent to create a space for technological knowledge and digital manufacturing in the former CACI factory.

Badalona City Council and the UPC have signed today, April 22, a protocol of intentions to convert the space of the form ...