We approach projects in an integral way, developing new manufacturing processes and product design. Our specialty is production technologies and TIC.

Technology Services

We have more than 30 years of experience in the manufacture of short series and testing of products and processes with the most advanced techniques and capabilities at the service of the industrial fabric.


UPC is a leading university in technological knowledge. The CIM UPC training programme includes, among others, courses in 3D Design, Additive Manufacturing, Industrial Automation and IOT, created by CIM UPC experts.


We promote and encourage technological culture in society, transmitting knowledge and facilitating the development of digital fabrication spaces and workshops to eliminate the social gap resulting from the different accessibility to technology.


Startups from the “Programa Primer” make an impact at the 4YFN of the Mobile World Congress

The “Programa Primer” was very present during the 4YFN of the Mobile World Congress. On the one hand, a Demo ...

Badalona Matí - Roger Uceda

Interview with Roger Uceda

Roger Uceda, director of Transfer and Valorisation, spoke about 3D printing in sports in Badalona Matí:   https:/ ...

Fabricació additiva a Turquia - 1

CIM UPC participates in an international panel on additive manufacturing in Turkey

Roger Uceda, Director of Transfer and Recovery, presented a report on international additive manufacturing tren ...

Blender 3

Webinar: Blender third dimension button

Blender is an open-source, free and open-source design program for everyone. It includes a variety of disciplines, integ ...

Webinar - Rhinoceros

Webinar: Basic modeling in Rhinoceros and applying patterns with Grasshopper

Rhinoceros allows free-form 3D geometries to be modeled through the creation of NURBS surfaces with the help of Grasshop ...

Webinar - Modelaje y esamblaje en Soliworks

Webinar: Modeling and assembly of technical pieces with SolidWorks

SolidWorks allows the user to intuitively model parts and assembly in order to accelerate the design process. It moves f ...