CIM UPC receives two AGAUR-Llavor grants to develop 3D printing of resins and metals

CIM UPC has received funding from AGAUR to develop 3D printing of thermoset pastes with an epoxy and metal base. The projects are led by Felip Fenollosa, PhD, director of strategic RDI, and has the participation of entrepreneurial scientists Sergio Elizalde and Miguel Grande.

Nowadays, it is possible to 3D print carbon fibers. However, poor interfacial adhesion limits the possibilities of applications. A possible solution is to use composites with a thermostable polymer matrix where the adhesion between the carbon fibers and the polymer matrix is ​​greater. The aim of the project 3D printing of thermosetting pastes with an epoxy base (CARBOPRINT 3D) is develop epoxy-based thermostable pastes to insert at room temperature in Direct Ink Writing (DIW) printers. Some of the possible applications are in the world of aeronautics and automotive.

On the other hand, the additive manufacturing of metal allows to generate structural parts with complex geometries that would be impossible to manufacture with traditional methods. The purpose of the metal printing project is to conduct research in additive manufacturing of metal by friction (FSA-M3TAL). The process consists of generate heat through friction of a rotary hollow tool. The movement generates a softening of the material without reaching the melting point. This characteristic with a continuous feed allows to build large pieces layer by layer with high mechanical resistance.

The kick-off of the projects was held on February 13 at the Ciutadella Campus of Pompeu Fabra University.