BASE3D meets at a meeting to discuss its results

Coordinated by the CIM UPC, BASE3D is a group of research centers that carries out several projects to promote innovation in 3D printing. At the end of December it is organizing a general assembly where it will present these programs and their results to the companies attending.

The emerging technologies cluster BASE3D is organizing a general assembly in hybrid format, i.e. face-to-face and online, on December 22nd. The session will be held at the CIM UPC facilities and will consist of a presentation of the cluster and a presentation of the nature of its projects and the results that have been observed. This is the third time that this meeting will be held and, among other things, will serve to address the closing of the activity next year.

The assembly will take place in the morning, from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm. It will begin with some welcome actions and the proper accreditation of all attendees. This will be followed by the assembly itself, with the participation of all the agents of the cluster. After a short break for breakfast in which participants and companies will be able to exchange feelings, we will proceed to the presentation of the different projects that the BASE3D cluster has promoted. In the final hour there will be a round table with the Advisory Board, in order to discuss the results of the project, and finally the closing of the event will take place.

As will be explained in the assembly, BASE3D is a group that unites several research centers with the aim of promoting technological development, research and innovation around 3D printing. It thus proposes to increase the so-called TRL, ‘Technology Readiness Level‘, the Technological Readiness Level, of the different fields of action of production with additive manufacturing technologies. The entities participating in the research group are Centre Tecnològic LEITAT, l’Institut Català d’Investigació Química, l’Institut de Recerca en Energia de Catalunya, el Centre Internacional de Mètodes Numèrics a l’Enginyeria, la Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, l’Hospital Sant Joan de Déu, la Fundació Privada per a la Recerca i la Docència Sant Joan de Déu, la fundació Eurecat, l’Institut de Bioenginyeria de Catalunya, l’Institut Químic de Sarrià, la Universitat de Girona, la Universitat de Barcelona i la Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, all of them coordinated by the CIM UPC.

To achieve the aforementioned objectives, these entities have been carrying out four projects with a total investment of 3.7 million euros, which have been co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). These innovation programs are: LIGHT3D, which focuses on laser and ultra-light technologies, led by the entity Leitat; FUSE3Dfocuses on the deposition of semi-molten material, with theHospital Sant Joan de Déu leading the way; INK3Dwhich is aimed at researching technologies for the deposition of continuous dyes and is led by the BBT research group of the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya; and HYBRI3D, the project led by the CIM UPC that investigates about multi-material hybridization.

The cluster has worked through joining forces of the various research centers to advance the innovation and future application of 3D printing in Barcelona. If you are interested in this sector, register in the form, choosing whether you prefer the online or in-person format, and reserve your date.

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