CIM UPC has inaugurated the metal 3D printing machines

Barcelona, July 3, 2024 – The inauguration of the new metal 3D printing machines at the CIM UPC facilities has attracted in addition to 60 people from various fields, including companies, researchers and students. The event, held on Wednesday, July 3, provided a comprehensive overview of the potential for this technology to be adopted by the industry.


During the event, the most innovative technologies in metal 3D printing, such as WAAM (Wire Arco Additive Manufacturing), DED (Directed Energy Deposition) and PBF (Powder Bed Fusion), were presented. Attendees enjoyed detailed presentations explaining the practical applications of these technologies in various industries, as well as live demonstrations of the machines.

The event included a guided tour of CIM UPC‘s facilities, where they were able to see in action machines such as the Power DIW, the MELTIO M600, the SAMYLABS ALBA 300 and the BCN3D, as well as the WAAM project with two heads developed by CIM UPC. These demonstrations clearly illustrated how additive manufacturing can revolutionize industrial processes, improving the competitiveness and production efficiency of companies.

CIM UPC, a technology center of the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya dedicated to research and development in advanced manufacturing, has organized this event with the aim of promoting Industry 4.0 and providing SMEs with access to advanced manufacturing technologies.

The new CIM UPC facilities represent an important commitment to the promotion of Industry 4.0, offering innovative tools that allow small and medium-sized companies to adapt and compete in the global market.