CIM UPC has sponsored the award for the best design in ElectroCatFP 2024

Electrocat-2024-CIM-UPC-3Santa Perpètua de Mogoda, May 25, 2024CIM UPC has sponsored the prize for the best design and has manufactured the trophies in the ElectroCatFP, t was held in the park Central de Santa Perpètua de Mogoda. The event, which is part of the Electric Vehicle and Sustainable Mobility program promoted by theAjuntament de Santa Perpètua, Fourteen teams from vocational training centres of higher degree in Automotive Engineering from all over Catalonia participated.


CIM UPC sponsored the award for best design, one of the most outstanding categories of the competition. In addition, the foundation was in charge of the manufacture of the trophies that were given to the winners. With this sponsorship, CIM UPC it reaffirms its commitment to innovation, technological development and training of future professionals in the electric automotive sector. The Mayor of Santa Perpètua de Mogoda he expressed his gratitude to CIM UPC for their support and involvement.


The ElectroCatFP is a competition where the participating students design and build from scratch prototypes of electric vehicles, using a common motor base facilitated by the organization. The teams put their creations to the test with the aim of achieving the best score.


This contest seeks to promote the teamwork of students, promote experimental and creative activity as a pedagogical tool for the technical knowledge of electric vehicles, and serve as a platform for the training and promotion of technicians specialized in electric traction vehicles. The initiative is part of the project MOBED-RdC, developed byAssociació de Municipis de la Riera de Caldes (AMERC) and funded by Diputació de Barcelona,and also integrates into TTT Treball, Talent i Tecnologia.


The Institut Andreu Nin has achieved the victory at the ElectroCatFP for second consecutive year. The squad of El Vendrell excelled clearly at this edition, obtaining also the prize at the best communication, the prize at the innovation and the prize at the best project. Besides, the squad as recognised with the diploma at the sustainability and at the main number of turns, reaffirming like this his excellence at this competition. For the rest of rewarded of the day , the Escola del Treball Municipal de Granollers, that inducted his turnout at the contest the 2022, obtained the second prize and the award at the best design. The third position was for the Institut Montilivi from Girona, that it debuted at this eleventh edition of the circuit. Besides, the organisation recognised the Institut Narcís Monturiol of Figueres with a diploma for the acceleration at straight.


In addition to the principal competition, the ElectroCatFP 2024 it offered an exposure of electrical vehicles at charge of Volt-Tour and a giant Scalextric for all the assistants.