CIM UPC shows its technologies at the National Congress of Materials (CNMAT) in Málaga

Málaga, June 28, 2024 – This week, the research and development team of CIM UPC has been present at the Congreso Nacional de Materiales (CNMAT), held in Malaga from June 25 to 28. With the aim of showing its technologies,CIM UPC has presented a stand where ceramic, metal and polymer materials were exhibited.

In addition, the Power DIW machine a DIW (Direct Ink Writing) technology printer, was also shown. This technology allows the manufacture of materials with a high level of precision and has application in various sectors, such as medical.

Likewise, the CIM UPC team has shared its knowledge through a presentation entitled ” Study of the conformation limit in conical lamination of aluminium alloys 2024 and 7075 “, where several models were addressed to predict the fracture of aluminium alloys in the incremental deformation process.

The presence of CIM UPC in this event has served, not only to expose the research capabilities of the center, but also to establish new collaborations and strategic alliances in the fields of ceramics, metals and polymers. This participation reaffirms the centre’s commitment to technological innovation and the development of advanced material solutions for various industrial applications.