CIM UPC participates in an international panel on additive manufacturing in Turkey

Roger Uceda, Director of Transfer and Recovery, presented a report on international additive manufacturing trends in the Turkish city of Eskisehir.


Barcelona, ​​January 20, 2023

CIM UPC, entity belonging to the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, was invited to participate in the closing ceremony of the project that has shaped Eskisehir Design. And Innovation Center (EDIC), a center located in the technological development zone of the Turkish city of Eskisehir, and whose objective is to increase the competitiveness of SMEs that operate mainly in the aviation, railway, machinery, automotive and household appliances sectors in the Eskisehir province and its surroundings, as well as in world markets with innovative products. Likewise, this center will support the development of engineering, design and prototyping capabilities of companies to reduce the foreign trade deficit of Turkish companies, and increase the level of competitiveness of that region in the world.


In the same way, on October 24, a delegation made up of members of the Eskisehir Technological Park, EDIC itself and IKADA consultancy, in charge of leading the EDIC creation project, visited the CIM UPC facilities on a mission that took them to different technology centers in Barcelona, ​​Euskadi, Madrid and Andalusia.

During the visit, the guidelines for the future collaboration between CIM UPC and EDIC were outlined, which could not start in any other way than by visiting the EDIC facilities in Turkey. This visit took place on January 18 and it was possible to see the SLS, SLM and FDM 3D printing equipment available at EDIC, as well as the CNC machining or wire EDM technologies, among others.


The day continued at the Hotel Tasigo, where Roger Uceda presented the latest developments in the field of additive manufacturing worldwide, as well as the main lines of research that are being developed at CIM UPC. Finally, a round table took place in which the CIM UPC representative had the opportunity to discuss the best strategy for local SMEs to incorporate 3D printing technology into their production processes.


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