CNC machining centers

Machining centers are highly automated machines capable of performing multiple machining operations with minimal human intervention, since their movements are controlled by a CNC (Computer Numerical Control) system. These movements, speeds and feeds are previously defined by instructions from a CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) programming software, allowing the same movements to be performed one after the other and in a totally precise manner.

This technology offers the possibility of manufacturing complex parts, with high precision and as many repetitions as necessary.


  • Improved accuracy compared to manually operated machines.
  • Safety: workers are not in direct contact with or exposed to cutting tools.
  • They are able to perform the same process every time with the same level of perfection.
  • Execution of complex processes in less time.


  • Mechanization of engravings.
  • Pieces of reduced dimensions.
  • Machining of small electrodes.
  • Machining of preforms for thermo-printing.

Equipment available

Deckel Maho DMU 50 Evolution


Milltronics RH20

These CNC universal milling machines are characterized by innovative machine construction technology. Excellent components such as digital drives in all axes and on the main spindle and a milling spindle of max. 18,000 rpm give the DMU 50 superior dynamics.

A manually operated or electronically controlled rotary and tilting table with hydraulic interlock is available as an option, which brings two additional machining axes into play. The new cross slide structure with cast iron, self-rigid and ribbed armature, offers a base with significantly higher precision. The DMU 50, DMG offers the ideal basis for entering the world of 5-axis machining.


  • Number of axles: 5
  • Maximum cutting speed: 20 m/min
  • Maximum piece weight: 200 Kg
  • Maximum rotational speed: 18000 rpm
  • Maximum displacement: 500 x 400 x 400 mm

The HAAS VF 3ss is a high-speed vertical machining center with a high vector drive potential. It has a tool changer, which offers the possibility to perform a wide range of operations in the desired order, providing versatility and flexibility in the manufacturing process.

The movement control is carried out by means of CNC technology, computer numerical control, which combined with its high feed rate reduces the manufacturing times of series of parts and guarantees the achievement of professional results.


  • Number of axles: 5 (3+2).
  • Number of changer tools: 30+1
  • Maximum cutting speed: 21.2 m/min (21.2 m/min).
  • Maximum rotational speed: 12000 – 15000 rpm
  • Maximum displacement: 1016 x 508 x 635 mm

The Milltronics RH20 is a rigid head machine widely used in the industrial field. It combines a highly reliable machining head with a high-performance spindle and a bed-type milling support surface. An optional rigid tapper and a tool changer add great value to this workhorse machine.

Thanks to its extra-long seat and table with five T-slots, it offers excellent support for the manufacturing table, which, combined with CNC control of the movements, guarantees professional manufacturing results.


  • Number of axles: 3
  • Dimensions of the table: 1370 x 406 mm
  • Maximum rotational speed: 8000 rpm
  • Maximum displacement: 1016 x 508 x 609 mm