CNC Turning

CNC turning is a subtractive manufacturing process, which is very useful for performing various erosion operations on the material and for machining parts of revolution.

This technology allows machining, cutting, drilling, slotting, grooving and ravelling of parts of all types. It is one of the most commonly used techniques for the manufacture of simple parts, tooling and for making final adjustments to parts manufactured using other technologies. The machine operates by pushing the cutting or ravaging tool in a regulated feed motion towards a workpiece held by a spindle which in turn keeps the workpiece rotating continuously, until contact with the workpiece produces the chip removal that enables the erosion of the workpiece.


  • It allows to obtain more precision in the machining of revolution geometries.
  • Safety: workers are not in direct contact with or exposed to cutting tools.
  • They are able to perform the same process every time with the same level of perfection.
  • Execution of complex processes in less time.
  • Reduction of human errors typical of conventional lathe turning.


  • CNC turning machines have applications in different industries: machinery manufacturers, automotive industry, furniture production, oil industry, medical industry, even for the manufacture of pipes for water transportation.
  • External and internal cylindrical parts.
  • Turning of outer cones.
  • Cutting, grooving and facing.

Equipment available

Okuma Genos L200E-M

The GENOS L200 is a multi-function lathe-type machine that is anything but basic. Built on a one-piece cast iron base with a horizontal track system and tailstock mounting surfaces, this machine provides stability, rigidity and precision for a wide variety of applications.

The snail is positioned horizontally, but a Y-axis movement system and a bed extension system are also available. The motion control system is made by CNC technology, which guarantees professional finishing and high repeatability.


  • Maximum cutting speed: 20 m/min
  • Maximum working length: 380 mm
  • Maximum rotational speed: 12000 rpm
  • Maximum turning diameter: 200 mm