To whom are they addressed?

Dirigidos a profesionales y empresas relacionadas o no con la fabricación, diseño de producto, o industria 4.0, estas tecnologías son aplicables en multitud de proyectos y aportan soluciones reales para todo tipo de problema.

What is your objective?

Offer professionals all those technologies and possibilities that can help them achieve the next level in the performance of their activity.

For this, actions are carried out that seek to provide these professionals with the necessary knowledge, as well as establish a framework in which they can interact with other companies and establish relationships.

The idea is to ensure that companies and professionals can adopt the industry 4.0 paradigm and adapt to the new environment, boosting their businesses and preventing them from being left behind in this technological revolution.

We support purely industrial activities, and nurture them from those external factors that can make it grow to another level.

What programs are included?

Training program

Actions relating to training activities in the fields of design and digital manufacturing technologies.

The objective is to train professionals on these areas of knowledge and encourage the use of digital technologies and professional cooperation.

Prototyping support program

Offer help to companies and professionals in all those prototyping design tasks they wish to carry out.

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