To whom are they addressed?

The industrial manufacturing spaces are aimed at all professionals and companies in any field. Whether or not they are related to manufacturing, product design, or industry 4.0, these technologies are applicable in a multitude of projects and provide real solutions for all types of problems.

What is your objective?

The main objective of industrial manufacturing spaces is to offer professionals all those technologies and possibilities that can help them achieve the next level in the performance of their activity.

For this purpose, training activities such as workshops or courses are carried out to provide these professionals with the necessary knowledge, as well as to establish a framework in which they can interact with other companies and establish networking relationships, expandingnot only their knowledge, but also their options for collaboration with other professional areas and promoting innovation.

The idea is to ensure that, through the use of these spaces and their activities, companies and professionals can adopt the Industry 4.0 paradigm and adapt to the new environment, boosting their businesses and preventing them from being left behind in this technological revolution.

In addition, these spaces are also intended to support purely industrial activities and nurture them with those external factors that can make them grow to another level.

What programs are included?

Training program

This program concentrates all those actions related to training activities in the fields of design and digital manufacturing technologies. As its name suggests, its objective is to train professionals in these areas of knowledge and promote the use of digital technologies and professional cooperation for the performance of innovative solutions and immediate use in different environments, current and future.

Prototyping support program

Through the support program, it is intended to offer assistance to companies and professionals in all those prototyping design tasks they wish to carry out. Manufacturing experts share their knowledge about prototyping, from the technologies available in the market, to what technology you should use to carry out a design. In addition, if you wish, they will put you in contact with those entities and companies that can carry out the manufacturing of your prototype. You are not alone.

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