To whom are they addressed?

Spaces of social fabrication aimed at citizens in the generic sphere. Everyone can go to these spaces and participate in the activities that take place in them.

What is your objective?

Convert citizens into active users and protagonists of the transformation and improvement of their environment.

For this, it is necessary to eliminate the social gap derived from the different accessibility to technology.

Promote a philosophy of open knowledge, shared and transmitted by those same people who experience learning.

They promote activities and projects that improve society and promote social and economic development.

What programs are included?

Pedagogical program

Oriented to the educational community in general, in order to create the links and fit of digital manufacturing with the educational system.

It covers a set of activities such as design and manufacturing workshops, research projects and work, seeking to arouse the interest of the educational community and develop skills in the different skills related to digital design and manufacturing technologies.

Family program

Oriented to family units of all kinds, who wish to establish intergenerational links while exploring knowledge about manufacturing and its potential.

The idea is to develop family activities such as specific workshops, outreach activities open to the family public, and vacation or after-school activities, in order to break down the barriers between the elderly and new technologies.

Social innovation program

Aimed at entrepreneurs, neighborhood and cultural associations, specific groups and technological communities.

Its objective is to establish open spaces for debate, discussion and action to actively participate in the development of innovative projects.

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