Final conference of the BIMzeED project

The BIMzeED partners are pleased to present the results of the three and a half year project. At the two-hour conference, the BIMzeED partners will present the results of the skills gap analysis that led to the development of the 12 Learning Units (LU), the Training of Trainers program, the results and feedback received during the pilot testing of the LU and the 12 LU on Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Nearly Zero Energy Building (nZEB).


The BIMzeED project focuses on the training needs of the current and future construction sector with the main objective of promoting:

  • Improved employability
  • Low-carbon growth
  • Green skills and NZEB
  • Increase in youth employment

The challenge of the BIMzeED project is to overcome the skills mismatch and improve employability in today’s European construction market by improving and expanding the existing skills of trainers, SMEs, site managers, craftsmen and other experienced tradesmen.


FONT: BIMZeED Final Conference – BIMzeED Website