These 100% subsidized courses allow you to continue improving your professional skills through quality, practical training applicable to your job. They are aimed at active workers, both salaried and self-employed, and unemployed people.

In some of our training courses we use programming and simulation tools for industrial devices such as PLCs, SCADA, Robots…

Professional Qualification Programs (leading to a Certificate of Professionalism and aimed at workers)

Planning of control systems for sequential processes


Preparation of the documentation of control systems for sequential processes in industrial automation systems d'automatizació industrial


Representation of building projects (Level 3)

Sectoral training programs and MRR (Industry / Construction Area)

Basic Revit in BIM environment

Transversal training programs and MRR (Manufacturing/3D Printing/ IOT Area)

Parametric Three-Dimensional Design for 3D Printing

Additive manufacturing for 3D printing

ITS Databases - Introduction to databases

ITS Python - Introduction to Python programming