Computer Design and Machining: Solidworks



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        60 hours

        From 14/05/2024 to 18/07/2024

        Opening hours
        Tuesday and Thursday from 18:00h to 21:00h
        Face-to-face Day


        Llorens i Artigas, 12 – 08028 BCN

        General objectives

        Apply SolidWorks program tools to work with any type of product, from
        from basic designs to complex designs considering different materials and finishes and
        incorporating concepts linked to the circular economy in a transversal way.

        Specific objectives

        • Analyze the structure and elements of 3D design programs.
        • Apply the instructions to carry out various parameterized operations identifying the properties of the files.
        • Establish the types of assemblies and changes in 3D design, configuring the explosion and packaging mechanisms.
        • Formulate advanced design and assembly operations.
        • Analyze the structure and elements of 2D design programs and incorporate transversal concepts applicable to design in a global perspective.

        Access requirements

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        TRAINING MODULE 1: 3D design bases

        • Analysis of the bases of 3D design
        • Concept of parametrization in piece.
        • Structure and elements of the program.

        TRAINING MODULE 2: Parametrized operations and file properties parameters

        • Application of parametrized operations
        • Extrusion.
        • Revolution.
        • Symmetry.
        • Other parameterized operations.
        • Identification of file properties settings
        • Selection of material.
        • Colors.
        • Thickness of metal sheets.
        • Other parameters.

        TRAINING MODULE 3: Part configurations, packaging and changes

        • Assembly Realization
        • Concept.
        • Piece restrictions.
        • Making changes
        • Changes in the design of a piece.
        • Changes in the context of an assembly.
        • Parametrization conflicts: identification of errors and recommendations to avoid errors.
        • Track and assembly configuration
        • Docking explosion.
        • Configuration of mechanisms.

        TRAINING MODULE 4: Introduction to advanced operations

        • Formulation of advanced operations
        • Part and assembly design tables.
        • Equations and link values.

        TRAINING MODULE 5: Bases of 2D design and transversal concepts

        • Analysis of 2D design bases
        • Structure and elements of the program.
        • Introduction to narrowing rules.
        • Sights of bounding.
        • Types of dimensioning.
        • Analysis of transversal concepts
        • Sustainability.
        • Circular economy: social, environmental and economic aspects.

        Additional information

        At the end of the course, a certificate of completion will be issued.

        Course managed by UNIÓ PATRONAL METALL·LÚRGICA and subsidized by the Consorci de la Formació Contínua de Catalunya

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