CIM UPC,center approved by the Employment Service of Catalonia (SOC), provides courses in Engineering, Design, Manufacturing and IT for unemployed people, in order to provide them with professional and transversal knowledge to enhance their insertion into the labor market.

In addition, we enjoy a wide experience in conducting these courses, where we combine practices with the most advanced tools used in the industry to develop real engineering and research projects.

We have a job bank to facilitate access to the labor market for our students, with special attention to unemployed groups, those under 30 years of age and those over 45 years of age.

In some of our training courses we use programming and simulation tools for industrial devices such as PLCs, SCADA, Robots, …

Call for applications FOAP

Development of Systems Projects and Industrial Automation (CdP level 3)

Representation of Building Projects (CoP level 3)

Database Administration (CdP level 3)

ADA Call for proposals (Grant for women)

Computer Aided Design with Autocad 2D

Computer Aided Design with Autocad 3D

Revit user level

Introduction to 3D printing technology