Innovation in Construction: Aridditive emerges as a spin-off of UPC and CIM UPC

Last Friday, the new spin-off called Aridditive, S.L. was established at the Rectorate of the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC). This newly created company is a joint collaboration between CIM UPC and UPC, and its technology is based on 3D printing of cementitious materials in the construction sector.

Aridditive aims to offer solutions using concrete 3D printers for companies dedicated to the manufacturing of prefabricated elements and urban furniture, with the goal of reducing time, costs, emissions, and material usage. The solution presented by Aridditive in the market allows for the use of a wide range of materials on demand, controlled through a closed circuit, monitoring real-time pressure and temperature conditions to automate and ensure quality during the manufacturing process.

Since 2014, CIM UPC and UPC have been working together on this technological development, participating in various research projects and studying the best options to introduce 3D printing technology in construction. Currently, with ongoing research projects, progress has been made in the process of valorization and protection. The AGAUR Innovators 2021 grant has allowed for the development of the business model and various tasks related to the technology transfer of the project, as well as the inclusion of an entrepreneurial profile person in the technology transfer office of CIM UPC to lead Aridditive.

The creation of Aridditive, S.L. arises from the need to offer a 3D printing manufacturing service as support for companies in adopting the technology. For these reasons, being part of the spin-off portfolio participated by UPC becomes the ideal framework at this stage, where the process of integrating the technology into functional prototypes will continue.

Aridditive collaborates with CIM UPC and UPC in R&D activities, with the aim of improving different product lines and developing new technologies that can be licensed and commercially exploited.