Present and future of digital manufacturing technology

Digital manufacturing opens the barriers to entry into the world of production to anyone. A procedural shift from a consumer society to a society that produces its own ideas, where individuals are now able to design and manufacture spaces, objects and devices.

They also are and will be the designers and professionals who, through their work, define the objects in our environment who can take advantage of the advantages of digital manufacturing machines, to create new business opportunities and to incorporate the properties of new technologies in the development of new solutions, such as bioprinting. An Open Source philosophy that is defined by the motto “How to make (almost) anything” and “How to make something that makes (almost) anything”.

Banner of the next edition of the CSCC to be held on the island of Zakythos (Greece).

The priority of the 19ª International Conference on Circuits, Systems, Communications and Computers (CSCC for its acronym in English) which will be held on the island of Zakynthos (Greece) from July 16 to 20 of the same month, is to create a space for debate that seeks to give the relay that this multifaceted technology. A workshop entitled “Low Cost 3D Printing: Present and Future Trends” aims to discuss the path to be taken – and the one that has already been taken – technical evolution of the 3D printing to get the most out of them and thus respond effectively to the demands of the company.

Either, which strategies would be the most appropriate to reduce machinery production costs and achieve the best guarantees of sustainability. Important parameters that remain at the evolutionary forefront of digital manufacturing technologies. Opening up new areas of knowledge with which these types of manufacturing tools can collaborate will also be one of the challenges to be discussed at CSCC 2015, which aims to establish a synergistic dialogue between digital manufacturing and medicine or technology and chemistry.

Innovative digital manufacturing technologies from BCN3D Technologies

A proposal that evokes and defines the wide range of possibilities offered by 3D printing technology, in direct contact with other areas of knowledge either working as a support tool or with its full capacity. The main organizer of this international forum, and therefore the person in charge of moderating the discussion space will be Professor Tawfik Benabdallah, director of Industrial Products & Systems Innovation Laboratory, a leading section of the Department of Mechanical Engineering of the National Polytechnic School of Oran, Algeria.

This will not be the only distinguished figure at the Conference, but will be accompanied by one Committee with a great academic trajectory, to ensure the best quality and maintain scientific standards within the most demanding international parameters that will be in charge of reviewing all papers submitted by scientists, engineers or doctors with their careful proposals.

A conference that will discuss the state of the art of digital printing technologies and highlight all that remains to be done, in a potential that is limited only by the wings of creativity of the company that manages it.