With a career started years ago with the design and development of extrusion printers, in the R+D+I team of the CIM UPC we develop custom-made 3D printing machines, using our own technologies and the know-how of the center from the idea to the machine, both for companies as for centers and groups of investigation with the end that these can carry out their studies or processes of manufacture successfully.

The 3D printers we develop at CIM UPC stand out for their personalization and for offering printing parameters such as size, speed, temperature, tightness, and sterilization, which are not within the reach of the printers on the market.

We offer services for the design, development and adaptation of 3D printers and their components, as well as their subsequent redesign and incorporation of improvements for different purposes, such as the manufacture of prostheses, food, etc. We also work with equipment already designed, in order to customize its parameters.

Our ability to adapt and customize is key to improve the productivity of our customers’ printing equipment, which can be differentiated from their competition and from the CIM UPC we work to provide great added value to organizations in different professional sectors with who we collaborate.

The development of custom 3D printers at the CIM UPC also integrates two essential aspects; the technical and user documentation and the guarantee that our equipment complies with the regulations, with the CE marking:

  • In addition to carrying out the design and development of the 3D printer, we manage all the technical and user documentation necessary for understanding the complete operation and complexities of the same. We take care of the manufacturing process and tuning of the machine and also the process of industrialization in pre-series.
  • With the CE marking we can guarantee, as manufacturers, that the equipment marketed complies with the mandatory legislation on essential safety requirements. From the CIM UPC, we adapt our projects to the regulations for the CE Marking thanks to our work carrying out the integral process from the conception to the start-up of the equipment.

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    BCN3D Sigma

    BCN3D Ignis

    BCN3D Lux


    The BCN3D Sigma is a 3D printer that has two independent extruders, which allows you to work with two materials without any problem. It incorporates the third generation of the BCNozzle, a totally metallic hotend, which allows working at temperatures above 280ºC continuously.

    With its large DIN-A4 printing area heated up to 115ºC, its minimum layer height of 50μm and its aluminium chassis, the BCN3D Sigma will be able to print all those pieces that you propose with a very high level of detail.

    BCN3D Ignis is a laser cutting, marking and engraving machine. A CIM UPC – BCN3D Technologies project ideal to be used both in a Fablabs environment and within industrial processes. It includes a high precision optical laser that will engrave almost any type of material, from leather to plastic to fibre.

    It allows the manufacture of parts from plates of different plastic materials, wood or textiles and composites, covering a large manufacturing surface (x-axis: 900 mm / y-axis: 600 mm / z-axis: 300 mm).

    BCN3D Lux The BCN3D Lux is a machine based on the DLP (Digital Light Processing) manufacturing system. This system reproduces images in layers through a projector, the photosensitive resin interacts with this projected light and generates, in layers, the desired design. A revolutionary addition manufacturing mode that transforms resins into solid objects in three dimensions.

    With this machine, it is possible to manufacture high-resolution parts with different resins of different hardnesses (shore). In addition, it accepts a large volume of manufacture (Axis: 250 mm / Axis y: 140 mm / Axis z: 300 mm) that will allow you to reproduce larger pieces with a high quality of detail.

    Idiada is a large format printer, developed by the CIM UPC team, thanks to our long history in the process of creating custom printers. This printer allows us to have optimal results in voluminous prints that we could not achieve with standard parameters, without the custom design and customization of all the equipment.

    This project stands out for the customization of parameters such as size or speed, which are not available to other 3D printer models on the market.

    Applus + IDIADA is a multinational company that provides design, engineering, testing and homologation services for the automotive industry. It works with an international network of subsidiaries and branches in 25 countries that ensure optimal, personalized and value-added solutions.