CIM UPC is a leading technological center in computer-integrated manufacturing at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC). Its objective is to be a technology hub in the field of production technologies, as well as to contribute to knowing how to relate to engineering and technology management in a stimulating and high-tech environment.

CIM UPC develops collaborative R+D+i projects through competitive national and international research support frameworks. For this reason, CIM UPC plays an active role in European, state and national research programs and regional groups and clusters as a means of achieving excellence and being at the forefront of technological advances.

CIM UPC focuses its research and development activities on production technologies and TIC. Our specialized technicians give a comprehensive view to the projects, developing new manufacturing processes and product design, to facilitate access to the research industrial environment.

The main lines of research are:

  • 3D printing for health: We offer services that include the manufacture of pre-surgical models and prosthesis printing, 3D tissue bioprinting and, in addition, the design and development of custom 3D printing machinery.
  • Concrete 3D printing: We develop new techniques and processes for large-scale 3D printing of ceramic materials for the construction of buildings or prefabricated houses.
  • Metal 3D printing: Search and development of new materials, new metallic 3D printing processes, and new characterization and validation procedures for printed components.
  • Hybrid 3D printing: We develop equipment that combines technologies of a different nature I that allow production processes never before applied, such as multimaterial extrusion, being able to combine a wide variety of technologies other than Additive Manufacturing.

3D Printing for Health


Concrete 3D Printing


3D metal printing


Hybrid 3D printing