CIM UPC is within reach of the industrial environment to facilitate the adoption of new advanced production technologies. And it is that, hand in hand with the ICT associated with the Digital Factory -from 3D printing to IIoT devices-, there are many technologies associated with digitization in production plants, and many opportunities to gain competitiveness and add value to the processes and products.

Many of these technologies are visible at the CIM UPC Pilot Plant, where they are developed and fine-tuned to facilitate their transfer to industry. In all of them it becomes evident that the survival of our industry is linked to being able to get the most out of it, adapting to what the company really needs.

For this reason, CIM UPC has focused on a specific field, additive manufacturing, and on a general one, Industry 4.0.

Additive manufacturing represented in its day a total disruption with respect to the usual manufacturing processes, based on tools and long serial productions. 3D printing pushes the paradigm of flexible manufacturing to the limit, offering the ability to make single-product batches, customizing production. Therefore, CIM UPC is today one of the leading European RDI centers in this technology, offering customized 3D printers, and going deeper by creating new concepts based on Direct Ink Writing technology.

Regarding the Paradigm Indústria 4.0 – a reformulation of the Computer Integrated Manufacturing concept under which CIM UPC was born), over the years CIM UPC has accumulated a wealth of experience in the entire field of automation solutions and process improvement based on digitization.. Today, for example, it is still key to interconnect manufacturing equipments, improve efficiency by automating where necessary, and take advantage of data that is collected and processed on a massive scale, providing not only increased flexibility and cost reductions, but also raising new business models based on these data extracted from the production plant.

Direct Ink Writing

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