Digitization processes are no longer optional in our companies and require personalized solutions. The list of these processes, associated with the numerous technologies grouped in the Industry 4.0 paradigm, is very extensive. It is found from the extraction of data from a machining center to perform predictive maintenance; to automate loading and unloading systems in unattended processes integrating collaborative robots with part recognition with Deep Learning tools, gaining efficiency; going through the control of a process with the support of the data obtained by IIoT devices and having real-time and true information that artificial intelligence tools will return results to support the decision. Connectivity is a key aspect, and applications that allow processes to be monitored from any source (warehouse data, distribution route control, 3D printer farms) and visualize the process and its results from any interface are not exceptional.

The simplification of processes, as well as new business opportunities, means that Industry 4.0 is on the agenda of those responsible for companies and institutions. At CIM UPC we were born to meet this challenge, and today it is even more urgent that we can be leaders in the digitization of our industry.

Given its breadth, the CIM UPC supports the implementation of these technologies:

  • Advice and support: Identification of needs and opportunities based on an “Industry 4.0” diagnostic work, and intermediation with technological partners technology that have adaptable solutions to the challenges that are selected. In this sense, we are a tool for public institutions to provide them technological expertise in actions to support industrial innovation, such as town halls, regional councils, clusters, etc.
  • Pilot plant available to companies and technological partners technology to facilitate technological adoption based on real cases, reducing entry barriers that new digital tools often pose for company managers. This is just as valid for “hardware” solutions such as cobots, new IIoT devices; as it is for software solutions such as communications tests in industrial environments or the application of predictive automatic learning algorithms with industrial data or part recognition by artificial vision.
  • Implementation of proprietary technology or technological partners technologies in areas such as industrial communications, devices for capturing data and sending them to the cloud (IoT), custom software for Machine Learning based on Artificial Intelligence, additive manufacturing, augmented reality to facilitate remote maintenance processes…
  • Activities that go beyond the framework of short-term industrial need and that enter the field of prospecting for future technologies, in environments such as the European projects with cross-border partners, the incorporation of Industrial Doctorates, and the development of specialized tools thanks to the technological level of many research groups at the UPC and outside it with which they interact in order to find the solution as necessary.
Indústria 4.0

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