Coordinate Measuring Machine

The measurement of parts using a Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) allows the main geometric characteristics of a part to be obtained. The X, Y and Z coordinates of the part’s points are determined by means of moving components that move along orthogonal paths.

The digitization of 2D and 3D drawings is of vital importance in manufacturing processes and has several features that respond to different industrial needs, such as quality control in industrial products or reverse engineering.


  • High accuracy and repeatability.
  • High data capture speed and therefore reduction of total process time.
  • Robustness to external forces.
  • Avoids the accumulation of errors such as poor probing by the operator.
  • Enables the capture of different types of objects, various dimensions, geometries and textures.


  • Dimensional quality control.
  • Homologation of first series, molds or tooling.
  • Reverse Engineering: Copy of parts and molds, previous study (volume, interferences, etc), calculation by finite elements (concurrence analysis), or in the reconstruction of standard surfaces by: Conception study, remodeling of parts or existing tooling.
  • Obtaining a polygon mesh model (STL) for 3D prototyping, creation of digital catalogs…

Equipment available

Taylor Hobson Talyrond

Taylor Hobson’s Talyrond 585 is an instrument with a fully automated arm, including the positioning and orientation mechanism of the shape sensor, which allows the measurement of cylindricity/roundness with excellent reliability and accuracy.

Advanced electronics have enabled complete control of all axes with fast and accurate modes that allow the exact combination of motion and measurement speed for components of various geometries and weights. It offers the possibility to measure form, roughness and profilometry errors.


  • Maximum workpiece diameter: 400mm
  • Max. height: 300,500 or 900 mm
  • Maximum weight: 75 kg
  • Roundness accuracy: 0.015 micrometers.
  • Pickup resolution: 0.5, 2 and 8 nanometers.
  • Accuracy of straightness: 0.15 micrometers.