Aluminum quick molds

The manufacturing process of aluminum rapid molds focuses on the simplification and optimization of the traditional mold making process. Using the most advanced production technologies, such as high-speed machining or EDM, functional molds are obtained by reducing the manufacturing time.

These molds offer us the possibility of obtaining batches of up to 2,500 pieces injected in definitive material in 4-6 weeks. In this way, we can subject the parts to the same stress and fatigue conditions as during their useful life.


  • Easier handling due to the low weight of the aluminum molds.
  • Reduction in mold production times: Aluminum is capable of high-speed machining.
  • Reduction in production times of mass-produced parts: The capacity of aluminum to dissipate heat is greater and, therefore, the cooling period is shorter.
  • Availability of parts in definitive material in a short period of time.
  • Possibility of surface texturing.
  • Reduction of mold production costs.


  • Manufacture of series of parts, up to 2500 units injected in definitive material.
  • Validation and homologation of parts: parts manufactured in the final material can be subjected to the necessary tests.
  • Obtaining overmolded parts: A molding process that has more than one material insert.
  • Obtaining molds with high durability, for the production of parts over time.

Equipment available

Renishaw 5/01 vario vac

Renishaw 5/04 vario vac

The 5/01 PLC is the smallest of Renishaw’s PLC-controlled vacuum casting systems, yet has all the process control and user interface benefits of the larger machines. The 5/01 PLC is capable of casting Renishaw’s full range of PU resins and also features Renishaw’s Vario Vac technology, which allows high viscosity materials such as silicone rubber to be cast efficiently by applying differential pressure to quickly introduce the material into the mold.

It also allows the production of wax master models for lost wax casting processes and low melting point alloys thanks to the heated cup option.


  • Maximum mold size: 520 x 445 x 425 mm
  • Pumping capacity: 25 m³/h
  • Maximum vacuum: 0.5 mbars
  • Straining capacity: Up to 0.8 liters

The Renishaw gamma 5/04 PLC is a large size vacuum casting machine aimed at the industrial sector. This series is differentiated by its ability to accommodate a range of larger molds that allow the manufacture of larger parts and / or industrial performance.

They have casting capacity up to 5.5 liters (with dual robot mixing) and the advantages of Renishaw’s Nylon Plus casting module (high performance glass or fiber-filled polymer), Vario Vac differential pressure casting (for soft touch materials), PLC control to ensure uniform casting and the heated cup module option, suitable for casting master models in high quality wax and low melting point alloys.


  • Maximum mold size: 550 x 800 x 600 mm
  • Pumping capacity: 65 m³/h
  • Maximum vacuum: 0.5 mbars
  • Pouring capacity: Fins to 5.5 liters