Silicone molds

For the manufacture of silicone molds, it is necessary to start from a master piece, which is usually obtained through 3D printing processes such as stereolithography. Once we have the mold, and with the help of a vacuum chamber, the injection of the material is carried out.

They have a life of 25-50 units and allow the production of polyurethane resin parts with characteristics similar to those of a technical plastic (ABS, PP, PA66, etc.). With a delivery time of first units starting from 4-5 days, about 15-20 final parts can be manufactured in a week.


  • Reduced production costs for series of more than 5 parts: From this point on, it is more economical than manufacturing the assembly using rapid prototyping systems.
  • Obtaining parts with definitive characteristics that can be used as final parts.
  • High manufacturing precision and surface finish.
  • Allows to obtain transparent, elastomeric or biocompatible parts.
  • Allows for perfect couplings and metal inserts.


  • Short series, Ideal for runs of 25 to 200 pieces, depending on dimensions and geometry.
  • Parts that have to behave with characteristics very similar to the definitive ones, both at dimensional and mechanical level.
  • Validation of mechanical, thermal or aesthetic properties.
  • Obtaining parts from polyurethanes with special mechanical characteristics.

Equipment available

Renishaw 5/01 vario vac

Renishaw 5/04 vario vac

The 5/01 PLC is the smallest of Renishaw’s PLC-controlled vacuum casting systems, yet has all the process control and user interface benefits of the larger machines. The 5/01 PLC is capable of casting Renishaw’s full range of PU resins and also features Renishaw’s Vario Vac technology, which allows high viscosity materials such as silicone rubber to be cast efficiently by applying differential pressure to quickly introduce the material into the mold.

It also allows the production of wax master models for lost wax casting processes and low melting point alloys thanks to the heated cup option.


  • Maximum mold size: 520 x 445 x 425 mm
  • Pumping capacity: 25 m³/h
  • Maximum vacuum: 0.5 mbars
  • Straining capacity: Up to 0.8 liters

The Renishaw gamma 5/04 PLC is a large size vacuum casting machine aimed at the industrial sector. This series is differentiated by its ability to accommodate a range of larger molds that allow the manufacture of larger parts and / or industrial performance.

They have casting capacity up to 5.5 liters (with dual robot mixing) and the advantages of Renishaw’s Nylon Plus casting module (high performance glass or fiber-filled polymer), Vario Vac differential pressure casting (for soft touch materials), PLC control to ensure uniform casting and the heated cup module option, suitable for casting master models in high quality wax and low melting point alloys.


  • Maximum mold size: 550 x 800 x 600 mm
  • Pumping capacity: 65 m³/h
  • Maximum vacuum: 0.5 mbars
  • Pouring capacity: Fins to 5.5 liters