The “Clúster MAV” promotes a project that will develop new industrial applications through 3D printing

  • The actions will be pioneering since currently most silicones are not printable.
  • The material will have improved properties and can be extended in applications with great industrial potential such as flexible electronics or soft robotics.
  • The project counts with the participation of Venair and CIM-UPC.

The MAV Cluster has completed this July the first phase of a project which aims to develop new industrial applications using 3D printing technology. The project will look for ways to develop new manufacturing processes using 3D printing technology that allows the manufacture of advanced and customized solutions.

Specifically, the project aims to experimentally develop prototypes that are the seed to manufacture products with high added value that allow diversifying the solutions of the members of the MAV Cluster with the entry into new market niches.

Printing prototypes - CIM UPC

Project applications

These actions will be pioneers, and useful for agents in the industrial sector, since most silicones today are not printable. From this project, progress will be made in the development of systematized processes that allow 3D printing of silicones, including everything from the formulation to the prototyping of a piece. In this way, the material will have improved properties and allow prototype parts to be made for the biotech sector.

Printing prototypes 2 - CIM UPC

The phase that has now been completed has allowed the technical feasibility of the 3D printing process for silicones to be analysed, and prototype printing tests will be carried out during the third quarter of the year.

Printing prototypes 3 - CIM UPC


In this project promoted by Clúster MAV has participated Venair, a company with a track record of over 30 years offering customised silicone tubing for the biotech, food, pharmaceutical and industrial, and the Fundació CIM-UPCa technology centre with more than 30 years of experience with the capacity to manufacture customised 3D printers for R&D&I, with teams of researchers for additive manufacturing in advanced materials.


El Clúster MAV promou un projecte que desenvoluparà noves aplicacions industrials mitjançant impressió 3D , Cluster MAV.