Webinar. EPLAN Data portal

EPLAN is a specific program for electrical engineering, automation and mechatronics, known as a CAE. It is intuitive and easy to use software that, with the use of central databases, allows you to save time and minimize errors in the planning and execution of electrical projects.


It will allow you to find out the appropriate tools for designing and implementing electrical projects based on the EPLAN software, to optimise and automate as much as possible the process of developing electric projects.



In this webinar we will introduce to the Esplan article database by performing a practical exercise of conveyor tapes.


The sitting will take place on Tuesday, 10 January at 7 p.m., and will be adjourned by about an hour.






The session will be carried out by Jonathan Palma. Industrial and automatic Electronic Engineer from the Technical University of Catalonia. He currently contributes to the area of training and technological outreach at the CIM-UPC.