Webinar: Basic modeling in Rhinoceros and applying patterns with Grasshopper

Rhinoceros allows free-form 3D geometries to be modeled through the creation of NURBS surfaces with the help of Grasshopper, who will transform the vector software render to parametric


In this webinar we’ll see what Rhinoceros is, we can use it for some basic operations to model it, and we’ll also show the potential of Grasshopper, a Program Plugin that allows us to parametrize designs.

The sitting will take place on Monday, 9 January at 4 p.m. and will be adjourned by about an hour.







The session will be held by Jordi Sanz. Product Designer and Master’s student in Design Engineering and Product Development. He collaborated with the Emiliana Design Studio studio in the process of designing, modeling and customer presentations. He currently contributes to the area of training and technological outreach at the CIM-UPC.