Webinar: Modeling and assembly of technical pieces with SolidWorks

SolidWorks allows the user to intuitively model parts and assembly in order to accelerate the design process. It moves from the initial concept or idea to the manufacturing phase in an optimal period, obtaining all documentation and technical information for the production of parts or products.


The purpose of this session is to summarize the basic capabilities of SolidWorks software and what it means to work with parametric software. In this webinar we will see how to design a piece following a plan that we will then use to perform a complete assembly of a piston engine.

The sitting will be held virtually on Tuesday, 10 January at 16.00 a.m., with a duration of approximately one hour.






The session will be held by David Bartolomé. Biomedical Engineer who is taking the Master of Design and Engineering for Additive Manufacturing at the CIM-UPC. He currently contributes to the area of training and technological outreach at the CIM-UPC.