What do we offer?

We are an entity attached to the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, which has the institutional mission of transferring engineering knowledge and technology management to companies and professionals seeking to expand the possibilities of the industry of the territory through the creation, improvement and promotion of their products and manufacturing processes.

The CIM UPC job board is managed through the JOBTEASER platform free of charge for both companies and candidates.

This service is aimed at:

  • CIM students or alumni:

We offer the key link between the university and the company, through different job offers or internships with first level companies

  • Companies and professionals:

We offer the opportunity to publish offers of all contractual modalities completely free of charge and to be able to cover the new needs that are arising in the day to day of all companies due to the constant change in the market.

CIM job offers

  • To offer students the possibility of access to the world of work.


  • Cover the formal need for a specific profile by a company.

Who it is aimed at:

  • To students and alumni of the CIM UPC.


  • To be agreed with the company.

  • To help students to increase and complete the knowledge acquired during their training.
  • To complement the training of the students of the programme with training in CAD specialisation at the CIM UPC.
  • Facilitating companies’ access to professionals.


  • The CIM monitors the internships to confirm that
    the program is carried out correctly and that both the company and the student are satisfied.


  • A 6-month linkage with the completion of each CAD specialisation course with a maximum duration of
    2500 hours.

Who it is aimed at:

  • To students of the CIM UPC.


  • To be determined by the company, with a recommended minimum of €6/hour.

  • Facilitate students’ access to the labour market by carrying out extracurricular internships at the CIM UPC.
  • Complement the training of students in their last years of training cycles, university degrees,
    masters or postgraduate studies.

Operation according to individual monitoring and training itinerary:

  • Participation in real projects for companies.
  • Participation in research and technological development and advanced manufacturing projects of the CIM
  • Participation in training activities in the field of production technologies.


  • Maximum 2500 hours

Who it is aimed at:

  • Students of any of the training courses of the CIM UPC training programme.
  • Students who have passed 50% of the credits.
  • Master’s and postgraduate students.
  • Training cycle students.
  • It is an essential requirement to have a current registration for studies.


Information: borsatreballcimupc.org