To advance Digital Manufacturing through Research, Innovation, Technology Transfer and Training, putting it at the service of our society’s challenges, from the energy transition to stop climate change to universal access to better quality of life standards and the full exercise of human rights.


CIM UPC will be the UPC technology center of world reference in the field of Advanced Manufacturing. We will bring value to society, generating technology and training the best professionals in the field of Industry 4.0.


  1. Technological Progress
  2. Continuous improvement
  3. Collaboration and cooperation
  4. Involvement and commitment
  5. Professionalism and trust
  6. Enthusiasm and illusion.

We have to do good work. Therefore, personal attitudes have to be:

  • Spirit of self-improvement
  • Concern for training and learning
  • Dedication

And we have fun doing it. Therefore, personal attitudes have to be:

  • Treat everyone with respect
  • Being positively critical of what is not going well
  • Rejoicing in successes

Message from the CEO

Welcome to CIM UPC. After more than 30 years in operation, CIM UPC starts a new march keeping in its DNA everything that has given it the prestige it enjoys today. As a Technological Center it has adapted to the technological challenges it has been facing since its foundation, becoming today a reference center in additive manufacturing processes, both in our University and in the country.

The difficult situation we have faced in recent years due to the pandemic has highlighted what many of us already knew: the most industrialized societies and countries are the ones that best face crises, whether cyclical or one-off. At CIM UPC we are firmly convinced of this. Our raison d’être is the applied and industry-oriented research and training associated with new technologies, as well as their dissemination. As active members of the UPC, it cannot be otherwise.

On the other hand, although CIM UPC was born strongly rooted in the environment, the global economy forces us to think globally as well, and our approach has an international horizon. This has been demonstrated by the group of people that I lead at the moment, with a portfolio of projects that, for the most part, have a clear European and international focus.

The future, already near, asks us to be constantly reinventing ourselves, and adapting new knowledge to the needs of the industry, especially the manufacturing industry.

In this sense, CIM UPC is already preparing to face the new challenges associated with Industry 4.0 in its broadest sense. The professional and technological capacity, and the human quality of our team are a guarantee that we will know how to face the new challenges that a society as active and changing as ours demands. We will be supporting companies in the integration of all the new technologies that appear and that we ourselves are generating.

We are engineers and scientists. We are polytechnics. We are CIM UPC. Will you join us? “

José María Cabrera Marrero, General Manager of CIM UPC