Citizenship Workshops

One of the ways to bring digital fabrication technologies to all citizens, is through the development of thematic workshops, in which participants will learn about digital fabrication and how to apply it to their environment. During the session an introduction to digital fabrication technologies is made and at the same time a product can be generated with the different technologies.

The workshops are aimed at all ages and all audiences, aiming to bring these technologies to the general public, introducing an innovative and technological component in local activities.

Many of these workshops are themed around cultural events such as carnivals, the castanyada or Christmas. They are also very suitable for local festivities such as local holidays, summer, etc.

These workshops are face-to-face and can be carried out in educational centers or in the CIM UPC facilities, since we can transfer the technology wherever they are held.



All of our activities are customizable and can be tailored to the needs and interests of each audience.

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