To whom are they addressed?

The academic manufacturing spaces are aimed at the entire academic community. The primary target audience for these spaces is the student body, however, they also aim to attract faculty and other members of this community.

What is your objective?

These spaces aim to promote the use of digital manufacturing technologies in the academic community, as well as to enhance knowledge about them.

One of the main objectives of these spaces is to facilitate the access of students, teachers and others to these manufacturing technologies, and to make them available for the development of academic and research projects. Digital design and fabrication technologies will make it possible to take these projects from the world of ideas to reality, and to validate their usefulness, characteristics and applications.

In addition, these spaces are used to disseminate knowledge about these technologies, thus enabling students to handle these tools and assess their possible applications in the academic context and promoting their use in a later professional environment.

What programs are included?

Training program

Through a set of training actions, members of the academic community will be able to acquire knowledge about the different technologies derived from digital manufacturing, as well as design or additive manufacturing methods and how to use them in an optimal way to achieve specific objectives. These actions will always be based on open, shared and active learning on the part of the participants and will encourage interpersonal relationships between students and teachers from different academic fields.

Manufacturing program

These spaces will offer on-demand fabrication services, as part of learning how to use these technologies and the different possibilities they are able to offer and as a service to facilitate the realization of academic projects that use fabrication as a tool to achieve objectives, or as a central part of this project. The spaces will be open throughout the academic community and will function as any on-demand service.

Do you want to come and meet us?

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