What do we offer?

We are an entity attached to the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunyawhich has the institutional mission of transferring knowledge and expertise ofengineering and management of technology in companies and professionals which seek to expand the possibilities of the territory’s industry through the creation, improvement and promotion of its products and manufacturing processes.

The CIM UPC job bank is managed through the JOBTEASER platform free of charge for both companies and candidates.

This service is aimed at:

  • Students or exstudents CIM:

We offer the key link between the university and the company, through different job offers or internships with first class companies.

  • Companies and professionals:

We offer the opportunity to publish offers of all contractual modalities completely free of charge and to be able to cover the new needs that are arising in the day to day of all companies due to the constant change in the market.

Who it is aimed at:

  • To CIM UPC students and alumni
  • Companies that need to recruit new staff with knowledge in the field of new technologies.


  • To offer students the possibility of accessing the labor market, increasing and completing the knowledge acquired during their training.
  • Facilitating companie’s access to quality professionals.


  • Both students and companies must register in the employment exchange.
  • Students and alumni can access the different offers published by CIM UPC and collaborating companies and send their application directly through the same application.
  • The companies will be able to publish the offers and receive the corresponding applications in order to start the selection process.


Information: borsatreballcimupc.org